The 2015 AGM conference of the Peoples Club of Nigeria International was a blast.

The program of events at the first session included the welcoming of HRM Igwe P.C. Ezenwa [MFR] Eze Okpoko 1 of Oba Ancient kingdom, the National President of Peoples Club of Nigeria International Chief Dr. Sir J.I. Illonzi [JP] Eze Ugonna of Ojoto, the Trustee and Patrons, National Officers, Chairmen Emeriti, Chairmen Secretaries, Hon. Members of our Esteemed Club, etc.

It was followed by the singing of the Nigerian National Anthem and the Peoples Club of Nigerian songs. After the opening prayer was conducted, Members of the high table were introduced. These were followed by the presentation and breaking of kola nut.

Citation of Peoples Club of Nigeria aims and objectives were read and the President Dr. Sir Chief Joe Illonzi delivered his speech. The House adopted the Presidential address.

The National Secretary Hon Elder Smart O. Ebere read the Secretariat report. Minutes of the 2014 General Meeting held on Dec. 20, 2014, were read and adopted. The day closed with the review of all Club’s activities.

The second day included citations of PCNI fellowship and songs, aims and objectives of the Club, opening prayers, presentation and breaking of kola nut, and the closing devotion.