Welcome to Peoples Club of Nigeria International

Peoples Club of Nigeria International was founded by Nigerians who are impelled by the desire to foster good relations amongst mankind and sponsor and promote philanthropic causes.

The club was formed with the spirit of uniting like-minded people. Membership is open to all, irrespective of race, religion, or tribe. Peoples Club of Nigeria International is non-profit and non-political.

Peoples Club of Nigeria International - USA Branches

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Our Leader’s Perspective

Presidential Speech

Our president, Sir Dr. Joe Ilonze, Ichie Eze Ugonna of Ojoto, the man of the people, delivered a speech at the inauguration-chartering of Orlando branch and induction of new members…

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Who We Are

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring together people of all races, genders, and ages, sharing oneness and unity in times of hopelessness and allowing everyone the privilege to belong.

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Our Impact

Our Vision

We envision a community founded on mutual respect and recognition for everyone’s differences, challenges, and current circumstances, leading with a big heart and a strong hand.

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The People Behind the Success

PCNI Core Leadership Group

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Chairmen Emeritus

Learn more about the esteemed members of our organization.

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Branch Chairmen

Check out the leaders of our different Branch boards and offices.

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Branch Secretaries

Take a look at some of our appointed secretaries for our Branches.

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LCG Chairman

Here is the well-respected chairman of our LCG areas.

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Peoples Club Anthem

Peoples Club Bu Ndi Ezigbo Omume!

Peoples Club Bu Ndi Ezigbo Omume Na

Nigeria O'O' 'O Odogwu O'O

Omelu Ka Okwulu 'O

Fa Kwesili Ekwesi

Afa Unu Di Uso

Ezi Afa Ka Ego

Odi Ofele; Anakwedebe

Peoples Club Odogwu

Igiligi Adagbu Kwa Na anyi 'O 'O

Igiligi Adagbu Kwana anyi O O kka Osi Di O

Igiligi Ada Gbu Kwa Na Anyi O

Odi Ofele; Anakwedebe

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National Officers

If you want to know more about our national offices, read on.


Get to know our different leaders in various areas we serve in.

Secretaries of Branches

Take a look at some of our appointed secretaries for our Branches.

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Photo Gallery

Check out our gallery to view photos of our staff members and our clients. This is a great way to learn how we do our job.

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Video Gallery

Interested in our organization? You can browse through our video gallery to know more about how we operate and serve.

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